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    Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music

    5 Things That Smart Musicians Do Every Day How Facebook's Changes In Paid Advertising Will Affect Your Marketing Efforts Why You Should Be Using Instagram as a Musician (And All Its Dirty Secrets) How to Pitch Your Band When You Can't Afford PR [MORE] Black Hole Recordings Launches Digital Pop-Up Store, Uses Twitter as Currency Patreon Is Paying $1 Million Every Month To Musicians, Creators How Long Do We Listen To A Song? How to Create a Squeeze Page to Easily Collect Fans' Email Addresses 4 Simple Steps to Creating a Killer Press List [...]
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    REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review

    Move over Spotify and Rdio. YouTube Music Key is finally here. Robert Plant Denies There Was An $800 Million Offer To Reunite Led Zeppelin Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Music Key and YouTube’s Evolution As A Social Video Channel Why The Spotify Uber Partnership Matters More Than You Think Rdio CEO On Taylor Swift and the Spotify vs. YouTube Payment Conondrum [MORE] Sony Rethinking Value Of Free Music Streaming YouTube Adds Retroactive Product Placement | What You See, What You Get Brands + Bands | Value Redefined [Next Big Sound + FRUKT] Where Creativity Thrives: BitTorrent Users Show... [...]
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    How To Make Streaming Royalties Fair(er)

    By Sharky Laguana, CEO of Bandago. This article originally appeared on Streaming services, most notably Spotify (by far the largest) use what could be called a parimutuel royalty system: all the money collected goes into a big pool, Spotify takes their 30% off the top, and whatever is left is distributed to artists based on their share of overall plays. Spotify explains how it all works right here. It sounds perfectly fair and reasonable: if an artist wants to make more money all they need to do is get more plays. But there’s a major disconnect in this economic... [...]

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