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    One Musician Gets A Record Deal Through Tinder, Another Can Pay Her Rent Solely From YouTube

    Here are two stories about musicians doing well that could be described as social media success stories. But Ryn Weaver's claim that "Tinder got me a record deal" is a bit misleading. And, while it's conceivable that Shannon Hurley could make money via activities on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube enabled her success by being so much more than a social network. In fact, both tales are almost simply updated versions of old stories from a time before the web existed. "Tinder got me a record deal." There's been some controversy about Ryn Weaver's success with "OctaHate" and... [...]
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    Ticketing Startup Ticketfly Acquires WillCall

    Ticketing startup Ticketfly today announced the acquisition of events app WillCall. Ticketfly has shown impressive growth for their ticketing service which features a lot of music events but isn't limited to music. WillCall was focused on a mobile app for music events with a difficult-to-scale combination of discovery, ticketing, merch and drink sales. Neither the official announcement of the acquisition nor the blog post from Ticketfly CEO Andrew Dreskin say anything about the price. WillCall is said to have raised $2.1 million over their lifetime while Ticketfly has raised $37 million. From the official announcement: "WillCall's technology will enhance Ticketfly's... [...]
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    House Of Blues Dominates America’s Top Music Clubs

    A new list of the top 25 most popular music clubs in the U.S. from Billboard shows Live Nation's House of Blues chain dominating the small venue market nationally. In the top ten, only IMP's 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. has a place among the House of Blues outlets featured on the list. This is perhaps unsurprising, as Live Nation's House of Blues organization boasts approximately 80 venues across the country. Billboard compiled the list based on Billboard Boxscore reporting from May 1, 2013-April 30, 2014): "Four years ago, Live Nation created this organization and put all the clubs and... [...]
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    Catching Attention With Your Album Artwork

    By Jhoni Jackson from the SonicBids Blog. Once upon a time, it was pretty uncommon to preview tracks before committing your cash to the whole shebang. Particularly in the heyday of CDs, your best bet was a store’s listening station, and it was typically limited to whatever discs were already loaded, and it always seemed to be occupied anyway. Preexisting knowledge of an artist was usually reliable but, without that, you were kind of shopping blindly – save for the album artwork. For people who remember browsing aimlessly hoping to discover a new favorite group, this happened often: The coolness... [...]
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    TuneWiki Disappears As Bills Go Unpaid

    A little over a year ago TuneWiki, which dispayed the lyrics to the music you were playing, announced it was shutting down. It then earned a year long reprieve via acquisition by Vert Capital. Now it's said to have gone offline without paying its bills. Apparently Vert Capital just stopped paying, aren't returning reporter contacts and seem to have dumped what was left of Tunewiki in the ditch. Ah, the romance of startup life! TuneWiki used to be a big deal. You can tell by all the TechCrunch headlines on Crunchbase which is sadly still the best music tech startup... [...]

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11 Ways To Be A Happier Musician Person

by Laura Schneider in D.I.Y.

The road to success is long, brutal, and relentless - it's not for the faint of heary or for the negative nancies of the world. It is for the go-getters, the hard workers, the over-achievers - the musicians who never give up. Nothing worth having comes easy, but the journey from start to finish can be drastically altered by one word alone: Attitude. Success or failure begins and ends with your attitude. Self-imposing minor adjustments throughout your day may make a world of difference. Dial down the hate and criticism of those around you. If you spent half of that... [...]

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