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    TuneCore Can Now Submit Your Music To Facebook Audio Recognition

    Tunecore is adding a new artist service. You can now have your music submitted to Facebook audio recognition which will recognize your music in the background and offer the opportunity for listeners to post about you. Tunecore also added a members' discount on TwitMusic services so you can now do more with both Twitter and Facebook. TuneCore's addition of Facebook audio recognition to their Artist Services portal is well worth noting. It's still making its way into the world but it's an interesting concept: "Facebook audio recognition makes it easy for Facebook users to share the songs they're listening to.... [...]
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    The "Me" Generation: Why Music Curation Isn’t The Answer

    By Michael E. Spinelli, founder of Eventsnype. In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook dubbed Beats co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre “creative geniuses.” The justification CEO Tim Cook gave for acquiring Beats for $3 billion was the recognition that “human curation was important in the subscription service – that the sequencing of songs that you listen to affect how you feel.” [1] Given the questionable activity level of Beats’ record amount of users and the leaked royalty statements showing small margins of profitability this past summer, human curated playlist is not where streaming services are headed. [2] Today’s... [...]
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    Music Crowdfunding: Indiegogo Fixes Post-Funding Gap, Musicraiser Opens London Office

    One of the big issues in crowdfunding is the gap between the end of a successful campaign and the delivery of whatever was funded. Indiegogo is now addressing that gap by allowing not only "contributions" after the initial funding period but by enabling the connection with fans to continue. In more specific music crowdfunding news, Italy-based platform Musicraiser followed up on their expansion plans with the opening of their London office. In addition they're now offering special promotional support for select campaigns. Indiegogo's Solution to the Post-Funding Gap Indiegogo's solution to the post-funding gap seems like a good fit for... [...]
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    Dice Launches No Fee Ticketing Platform, Jack White Jumps Aboard

    Dice wants nothing less than to disrupt event ticketing by eliminating all middlemen and selling tickets at face value without any fees. Launching in London today, Dice comes loaded with $1.6 million USD in funding from insiders in both tech and music including White Star Capital, Tim Clarke & David Enthoven (Robbie Williams and Passenger management), Angus Baskerville (13 Artists) and others. FREE, REALLY FREE? Since Dice 100% mobile and the ticket’s on the phone, it doesn't really cost more than a few pennies to process the entire transaction. "How do we make our industry ten times bigger by giving... [...]
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    Black Flag’s Henry Rollins On Pop Songs

    "One of the nice things about a favorite pop song is that it's an unconditional truce on judgment and musical snobbery. You like the song because you just do, and there need not be any further criticism." - Henry Rollins via @mediaREDEF [...]

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