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    Kevin Breuner, CD Baby VP Of Marketing Looks Back On 2014

    Kevin Breuner, Host of DIY Musician Podcast, and VP of Marketing, CD Baby joins us today on's year end virtual panel. As an independent artist, Breuner responds to the current streaming debate saying, "You never know where your fans are going to come from. For that reason, I feel it’s important to have your music in all the places people go to enjoy music, including Spotify. I would hate to find out that someone who hadn’t heard us before, but happen to be at a show, opened their Spotify app in a moment of intrigue, couldn’t find us, and... [...]
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    Passenger Case Study ’14: The Power of Social Media

    By Jasmine Nguyen & Pedram Nikfarjam on From Australia to North America. Rarely do we witness a successful infiltrating attempt by foreign artists trying to make it in the United States, with a few exception of Justin Bieber and the likes. Passenger, however, pulled it off almost smoothly and convincingly in 2012, mainly thanks to his major presence in Ed Sheeran’s North American Tour and the release of “All The Little Lights” by Nettwerk Music Group in the same region. Within the short summer of 2012, the single ‘Let Her Go’ started getting noticed by the public, as Passenger... [...]
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    Bandsintown Reveals Most Active, Rapidly Growing Artists of 2014

    Bandsintown dug deep into their large concert database emerging with a top list of most active, rapidly growing artists of 2014. Using Bandsintown Tracker to see which artists made their mark this year, Bandsintown identified and recognized artists with the Most Tour Dates, Most Countries Visited, and Fastest Growth. American Aquarium, Aly & Fila, Vance Joy topped each category respecitvely. A further breakdown is illustrated in the infographics below. Kudos to multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Zach Deputy and his agent Chris Cate from our sister company Skyline Music for placing in Bandsintown's Top 10 most tour dates of 2014. Related articles... [...]
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    Music Publishing News Roundup 12.19.14: ASCAP, Downtown, Michael Jackson & More

    ASCAP CEO, John LoFrumento has announced his retirement this week. LoFrumento started his career at ASCAP in 1981 as a controller, the serving positions as CFO, COO, and EVP before becoming CEO in 1997. Since then, ASCAP’s memberships have grown from 70,000 to 520,000 with annual distributed royalties growing from $417 million to $875 million. While CEO, LoFrumento helped introduce popular ASCAP programs like I Create Music Expo, and MusicPro Insurance. Along with President and Chairman Paul Williams, LoFrumento has lead the fight for fair compensation for songwriters in the digital space. MORE: The Michael Jackson estate has renewed their... [...]
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    Spotify Cares Less about Artists Than IPOs and Taylor Swift Cares About… Taylor Swift

    By Tom McAlevey, CEO Radical.FM Regardless of those truths, streaming will save the music industry and Artists will soon make more money than ever before. Daniel Ek is disingenuous when he claims that Spotify’s “reason for existence is to help fans find music and help artists connect with fans through a platform that protects them from piracy”. Spotify is a corporation. Its reason for existence is to make billions of dollars for its owners through an IPO that won’t help Artists at all, but will profit Mr. Ek handsomely. Every major music label will also make hundreds of millions of... [...]

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