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    Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music

    5 Truths About Today's Music Industry That Indie Artists Need To Understand 13 Essential Elements Of An Effective Marketing Plan 4 Habits of Successful People That All Musicians Should Adopt 5 Things That Need To Be Readily Available on Your... [...]
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    MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Exposure is Bullshit…Mostly

    Kyle Williams | Exposure is BS...Mostly Wallace Collins | All The Big Streaming Sites Have Been Hit With New Lawsuits Over Pre-1972 Recordings Lukas Caminzind | How to Build Buzz for Your Next Release (German Rap Edition) Ken Dardis | Don't Ask How to Succeed [...]
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    REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review

    Zoe Keating Shares Call Transcript After YouTube Says Her Claims Are "Patently False" Apple Adds Free On iTunes - A Hub For Free Music, Film and TV Google Tells Zoe Keating: Sign Music Key Deal or We'll Block Your YouTube Channel Sony To Close Music Unlimited, Partners With Spotify For New Service The Full Transcript Of Zoe Keating's Conversation With YouTube Rep Rdio Dropped From Zenbu Pre-1972 Music Lawsuits Snapchat's "Discover" Launch with Key Music, Media Partners Creates Portal To Millions Of Millennials SoundExchange To Audit, iHeartRadio, Live365 [...]
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    Sign This Label Deal or We’ll Shoot The Dog – Making Choices

    Guest Post by Cortney Harding on This Week In Music Tech Like everyone else, I read Zoe Keating’s blog post about YouTube Music Key’s contracts last week. I was a little turned off by her “I’m a struggling artist! Who met Eric Schmidt at Davos last year!” vibe, but I’ll give her credit for shining some light on the inner workings of these deals. From my vantage point, the deal YouTube is offering isn’t bad — they’re helping artists monetize, claim their work, and make sure their catalog is complete. If artists want a real alternative to Spotify, Music Key... [...]
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    Brand And Music Collaborations Need To Work For Fans, Not Brands

    Guest Post by Nick Susi on Music Marketing Money Blog When it comes to the discussion of partnerships between artists and brands, the conversation tends to focus on the quantifiable end result. How much money did the brand invest in the artist? Did the artist see a residual increase in sales and streams? Did the brand experience large spikes in growth across their social properties? All fair and important questions. But ultimately who deems an artist, a brand and their collaboration a success and the right fit? When examining a case like Doritos and their #BoldStage at last year’s SXSW,... [...]

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