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    Pandora & Spotify Beat Beats Music As Top Ranking And Earning Music Apps

    Yesterday morning, app analytics company App Annie released it's newest list of top performing apps in the Google Play store and Apple's App store. Pandora and Spotify were ranked first and second in the report coming in well above Apple's Beats Music in both revenue generated and user downloads. After Apple's $3 billion dollar acquisition on Beats, this may read a bit surprising, but a closer look reveals that perhaps the lackluster ratings are indicative of a broadening of horizons for Apple's Beats Music. In downloads, Beats landed in 9th place to Pandora and Spotify's first and second. Unlike their... [...]
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    How Irving Azoff Plans To Collect 30% More For Songwriters Than BMI, ASCAP Does

    After uber-manager and music industry deal maker Irving Azoff exited as Chairman of Live Nation last year, one of his many moves was to form Global Music Rights as part of his Azoff MSG Entertainment, a new joint venture with the Madison Square Garden Company. There were rumors that some major songwriters including members of Journey, Foreigner, Fleetwood Mac and Soundgarden had signed on. Now its becoming clear what Azoff has planned for his growing song catalog, and it strikes at the heart of a marketplace dominated by BMI and ASCAP for decades. Azoff has apparently been telling potential clients... [...]
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    Ask a Music Journalist: 4 Things We Never Want to Read in Bios Ever Again

    By Jamie Ludwig on A well-written bio is one of the best tools independent musicians have when it comes to making an impression on music journalists and editors. Before we even hear your song samples or are able to attend one of your shows, there’s a good chance we’ve glanced through your press materials. This is your opportunity to place yourself and your art in your chosen framework and tell your story exactly how you see fit. Unfortunately, there are many clichés and pitfalls that are easy to fall into that result in turning off the writer or causing... [...]
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    How To Fund A Full Length Album

    By James Shotwell, Social Media Coordinator at It’s funny how fast the music industry changes these days. A year ago many people would have claimed that crowdfunding was the future of the music business, but as many independent acts have learned over the year this is not always the case. Some audiences will be able to support the dreams of their favorite musicians, but that is not true for every talented musician with a diehard fans following their every move. For some, it takes a lot more than launching a free web page and asking for money, and today... [...]
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    Boomio Announces Snapchat Style Mobile App for Music Sharing

    Now entering the arena of countless social networks, Boomio is stepping forward. Reminiscent of Snapchat in the way it shares content, Boomio allows the sending of full length, fully licensed songs to large audiences or targeted groups with personalized messaging. The recipient will receive a notification otherwise known as a 'boom' - they'll be able to listen the track once before it 'blows up.' Now that the listener has had a chance to hear the track, they'll either be able to buy the song or share it with others for an additional play through. Inspired to better the laborious process... [...]

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