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    CMJ Issues NYC Ebola Scare Statement, After Patient Attends Showcase

    Apprehenshion spread among those attending this week's CMJ Music Marathon, after it was learned that a New York City based doctor who was confirmed to be infected with Ebola had visited Brooklyn nightclub and bowling alley The Gutter the night prior to being admitted to the hospital. The Gutter is an unofficial CMJ showcase venue. Today, CMJ has issued this statement: "We have been diligently following the news on Ebola and will continue to be proactive of the situation and circumstances. At this time CMJ will continue on as scheduled and if anything should change we will act accordingly." More... [...]
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    Spot.IM Gives Social Media Marketing a Facelift

    The brainchild of a former TechCrunch Disrupt winner, Spot.IM is demanding the attention of the social media marketing community. Allowing any website to become a social network with two lines of code, the company puts website owners back in the drivers seat by giving them more control over the management and monetization of their site traffic. A truly 'everywhere' social network platform, Spot.IM is the first of it's kind. Even in the Beta stage, it's built an impressive user base. The platform is being used by over 1,000 websites and boasts 250,000 registered users. Over 2 million messages were sent... [...]
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    PledgeMusic President Shares 9 Proven Direct-to-Fan Strategies

    By Jayce Varden from the Sonicbids Blog. One of the most rewarding opportunities for loyal fans in the 21st century is the ability to watch the artists they love create and release music in real time. Invaluable for the artists themselves is learning the process of constructing direct-to-fan strategies that work for both the band members and the public. Now a massive online community of musicians and their supporters, PledgeMusic enables artists of any size to take control of and monetize their artistic process, building connections and forging unprecedented fan engagement. Here are nine tried-and-true tips and best practices from... [...]
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    You’ll Never Guess Which Country Hosts The Most Pirate Sites

    The UK IP Crime Group has released it's annual IP Crime Report. While it showed significant progress was made in the war against online piracy, it also revealed the United States as the host of the most pirate sites across the internet. This news comes as a bit of a surprise since earlier this year, the US-based IIPA pointed fingers at Canada without reservation suggesting they were a 'magnet' for pirate sites. The report gives a brief nod to Hollywood-funded industry group FACT, commending them on their instrumental anti-piracy efforts over the past year. FACT remains at the forefront of... [...]

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