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    We Are Hunted Co-Founder Launches, Seevl Co-Founder Creates Twitter DJ

    Two leaders in the music discovery space are working on new projects each with a bit of solo action to get things off the ground. We Are Hunted's Stephen Philips recently launched to present the top tracks from SoundCloud. While Seevl's Alexandre Passant hacked together a proof of concept Twitter DJ bot that I'm calling DJ Seevl though DJ Twitter Bot has a great deal of potential. Hunts SoundCloud Tracks You may remember We Are Hunted, a popular music discovery site that Twitter acquired and killed and whose developers' talents were then squandered on Twitter's #music app. Stephen... [...]
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    Digital Money For Music: Tip Jar That Takes Plastic, Websites That Take Bitcoin

    To paraphrase Amanda Palmer, people want to give you their money so make sure you can take it. DipJar is a tipjar that takes tips via credit cards. It's designed as a self-serve solution for coffee shops and similar settings and suggests one possible solution for street musicians in a cashless society. Accepting payment in digital currency such as Bitcoin is another issue facing musicians. Lots of retailers are coming on board and now there are tools for taking Bitcoin as direct payments on your site. Tip Jars in a Cashless Society Tips are one form of payment that aren't... [...]
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    How To Grow Your Band’s Fanbase Creatively

    By Yannick Ilunga from The Jazz Spotlight. This is probably old news to you: social media is a great way to build and grow a fan base. When looking for a platform to promote their music, many artists turn to the various Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. When it comes to social media promotion, it is important to have a strategy and goals in mind. There are many different ways social media can be used for promotion. The following four are some easy-to-implement tactics that musicians can use to grow their fan base and strengthen the bond with those who love... [...]
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    Brooklyn Hackers Experiment With Music Visualization

    By Eliot Van Buskirk from Many objects that play recorded music have screens. Sometimes the screen plays a music video, but mostly it displays helpful — if static — information about what’s playing. The possibilities for depicting music visually are much wider, given the surfeit of music data that is available for, and/or can be generated from, literally any recorded song in the world in real enough time. So, what else should our televisions, laptops, smartphones, tablets, picture frames, and other connected home devices show on their displays or projectors while we listen to tunes? Music visualizers used to... [...]

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