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    5 Great Ways Musicians Can Use Facebook Video

    2015 is the year Facebook video will reach parity with YouTube’s feature set and audience. The introduction of auto-playing video, changes to the platform’s algorithm to favor video, and Facebook’s strong investments in their mobile offerings are all coming together to create a powerful marketing platform. Guest Post by Jeremy... [...]
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    Pandora, Spotify Top Music App Charts. Where Did TIDAL Rank?

    Pandora and Spotify topped both the App Annie Top 10 music app "By Downloads" and "By Revenue" charts. Beats Music landed an impressive 3rd place finish on the revenue ranking. Even Rhapsody and Rdio charted. But where did TIDAL rank? _____________________________ ________________________________________ Answer: TIDAL is not on either App Annie... [...]
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    Three Ways Musicians Can Stand Out On Social Media

    Social media has become one of the most powerful self-promotional tools for all artists. But while many acts use social media like Facebook and Twitter to advertise new releases and upcoming shows, a few go the extra mile, upping their statuses as fan-friendly by interacting with others or posting clever... [...]
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    Cookie Now, Market Later: Veruca Salt and The Power Of Retargeting

    When you have big news about your band to announce, make sure you don’t miss out on retargeting pool opportunities. The earlier that you get your retargeting pixels in place the sooner you can start putting users (fans of your band) into your retargeting pools. Guest Post by Chandler Coyle... [...]

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