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    Six of the Most Underrated Music Cities in America

    It seems like there are two kinds of "musical cities": those that are known as being enormous hubs filled with music lovers, headquarters for industry companies, and go-tos for ambitious artists trying to make it – such as New York City, Los Angeles, and especially Nashville – and those that... [...]
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    Apple Music Directs Independent Artists To CD Baby

    While checking out Apple Music after it launched this morning, I noticed a link targeting undistributed independent artists that points straight to CD Baby. While another link below it leads to a full list of approved providers, Apple, which seems to be making a real effort to support indie music,... [...]
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    Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio Is Live

    Apple's Beats 1 live online radio station is on the air with Zane Lowe behind the mic. Listen via the Apple Music app and tell us what you think. Still need to download iOS9 and Apple Music? You'll find instructions here. Related articles Apple Promotes Beats 1 Radio With Massive... [...]
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    The New Creative Class: Will They Disrupt Music Production?

    The starving artist is quickly becoming a thing of the past. And with new digital tools arriving daily and empower artists, we are seeing a birth of a new creative class: The artist entrepreneur. These producers are ditching their previous gigs for a more lucrative day job; one that balances... [...]

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