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    THE PITCH: Kandeze – Online Music, Art, Tech Learning Platform

    In this latest installment of THE PITCH, startup Kandeze, an online learning platform for art, music, and creative technology gets their chance to explain what they're about and why you might want to get involved in 100 words or less. ____________________________________ In partnership with leading universities and institutions across the... [...]
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    3 Ways To Discover New Hashtags

    Though an integral part of search engine optimization, the world of hashtags is so cluttered and complex, finding ones that are actually effective can be a struggle. Here are three tools for making that process easier. ________________________________ Guest Post by Bobby Owsinski on Music 3.0 When it comes to many... [...]
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    Who Still Listens To Broadcast Radio? [CHART]

    Though often maligned, many people still listen to broadcast radio; and in some age groups it is still the #1 vehicle for music discovery. But this are changing. These stats from Audiomonitor via MusicBiz show broadcast radio's share of the ear by age. ______________________ Related articles Applications Being Accepted For... [...]
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    SoulCycle IPO Presents Opportunities In Music Licensing

    SoulCycle, the increasingly popular spin-class-meets-dance-party fitness company's integral use of music in their business is calling into question whether or not the traditional "general licensing" method currently being used by PROs is really the best option. ___________________________________ Guest Post by Andrew Sparkler on Medium At this year’s SXSW, SoulCycle teamed... [...]

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