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    REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review

    Apple's Streaming Music Launch Plans: $9.99, $14.99 Tiers, Lots Of Exclusives Mumford & Sons Refuse To Join TIDAL's "Tribalist Commercial Bullshit" Believe Digital Acquires TuneCore Fair Play, Fair Pay Act Of 2015 Introduced To Congress Vinyl Albums Show A 37% Sales Increase In 2015 Prior To Record Store Day Despite... [...]
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    Today Is Record Store Day. Get Off Your Ass And Go Buy Something

    "Independent record stores are much more than the name suggests. They are an international community and platform where music has an outlet and an opportunity to grow over the long term, in a way that sincerely connects with community and culture. They are also a magnificent mob of highly opinionated... [...]
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    Action Is The Key To Music Success

    As artists, we are naturally overly critical of our work. No one wants to release something out to the world that is less than perfection. But the fact of the matter is that your “perfect” may never even be attainable. Taking action is imperative in moving your career forward. Guest... [...]

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