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    How Creative Industries Are Refining Automation For Discovery

    By John Kohl, Leader and Founder of music discovery platform TuneGO. Recent discussions around automation are centered on making sense of the mass of data that lives online. After all, there’s no reason any market shouldn’t take advantage of the wealth of information users leave behind on the Internet like golden breadcrumbs. A broad spectrum of industries, from entertainment to fitness to home décor, is using that information to help automate previously manual actions by making high volumes of content and information digestible and available for more informed decision-making. Admittedly, it sounds sterile – the term “data scientist” feels inaccessible... [...]
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    Why Are Artist Managers Taking Center Stage?

    By Eric Peckham on The evolving music industry is turning top managers into moguls—operating across media, tech and consumer brands The evolution of the music industry is putting greater power into the hands of top artist managers and transforming their firms—traditionally very small, behind-the-scenes operations—into miniature conglomerates operating across media, tech, and consumer brands. The root of this transformation is the broader shift in power from labels to artists, and thus to artists’ management teams. The internet empowers artists with the ability to directly engage fans and distribute digital content on their own, a dynamic that has made record... [...]
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    Snapchat’s "Discover" Launch with Key Music, Media Partners Creates Portal To Millions Of Millennials

    Snapchat has launched a new media platform "Discover" featuring bite-size servings of the latest news and newest content from strategic media partners such as Vice, Spotify, The Daily Mail, Comedy Central, Warner Music Group, Cosmopolitan, People, Yahoo!, and National Geographic served all-you-can-eat buffet style within the app. Offering expertly curated creative content targeted at individual users, Snapchat has created a platform that could unlock access to the attention of millions of millennials big media outlets have otherwise only been moderately successful in capturing. Lets face it, we all have shorter attention spans these days. With the glorification of busy on... [...]
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    Zoë Keating vs YouTube: Is This The End of an Artist’s Right to Choose Where Their Music Appears on The Internet?

    Guest Post by David Lowery on The Trichordist Blog This is a call to action folks. Many of you may already be aware of this blog post from Zoë Keating detailing the new terms of the Google/YouTube “Music Key” service. YouTube’s “communications manager” Matt McLernon has followed the Spotify approach and attacked Zoë Keating’s story as “patently false” although it looks like Google is not exactly backing up their “communications manager“. I’m pretty sure that Google is not truthful about their conversation with Zoë–you know Google’s lying when their lips are moving–if for no other reason than I believe Zoë’s... [...]
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    Sony To Close Music Unlimited, Partners With Spotify For New Service

    One major sign that a sector is heating up is the quantity and quality of the deal making, as rivals jockey for position. By that, and almost any other measure, streaming music is on fire; and today's announcement that Sony Music Limited will shut down to be replaced by a new partnership with Spotify is a major win for the pre-IPO startup. Sony Network Entertainment and Spotify today announced a global partnership to deliver digital music to the PlayStation Network's 64 million active users. Under the deal, Sony will shutter its own Music Unlimited service this Spring, and launch PlayStation... [...]

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