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    REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review

    Spotify, MTV/VH1/CMT Announce Major Partnership Ex-Google, SoundExchange Execs Launch Startup To Bring Gaming Revenue Model To Music How Some Managers and Agents Benefit From Piracy and Low-Paying Streaming Music Apple Releases iTunes 12 In Beta Infographic: History Of Listening: Vinyl To Digital MORE: Hypebot's Music Industry News and Jobs Alive Inside Documents The Power Of Music To Fight Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Chubby Checker Settles Hewlett Packard Penis Size App Lawsuit How To Create A Great Music Video Infographic: What A Digitally Native Music Consumer Looks Like The Eroding Prospects For Rock Cover Bands Changes YouTube Music Product Manager Christopher... [...]
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    Alive Inside Documents The Power Of Music To Fight Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

    You may recall the video of a withdrawn elderly man who comes to life upon hearing music he cares about on an iPod. The "Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Music" (and other title variations) video did more than go viral. It inspired the filmmaker who shot the original video to look more closely at the work of nonprofit Music & Memory and to shoot a documentary about that work, "Alive Inside," that's just been released in theaters. The video "Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era" got picked up and spread widely online but... [...]
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    Business-Oriented Social Networks For Musicians: Gigmor, AAMPP, Jammcard

    Business-oriented social networks for musicians are an area I haven't covered in a while. A variety of new networks and platforms are emerging and today I'd like to point you to three business-oriented social networks that are worth knowing about. Gigmor connects musicians with compatible musicians and also uses that matchmaking process to help industry people find compatible musicians. AAMPP adds fans to the industry mix along with a variety of tools including ecommerce. Jammcard is a mobile social network for connecting with others by sharing Jammcards. Gigmor: LinkedIn for Musicians In a recent press release Gigmor explained that they... [...]
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    A Look Back At Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas ’14

    By Jasmine Nguyen from Dash Two. Not so long ago (1980s-1990s) rave music—or Electronic Dance Music—was still the underground type of music with its own die-hard fans and secret warehouse parties. There was this secret and unique culture within the dance music community (referred to as ‘PLUR’ – Peace Love Unity Respect) that stood separately from mainstream music fans and was preferably kept that way. This free philosophy of life and their symbolic handshake contributed to ravers’ sense of a tight-knit and secluded community. However, starting between 2006 and 2009, popular songs such as “Lose Control” by Missy Elliott and... [...]
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    Pirate Bay Debuts Mobile Site, Entertainment Verticals To Follow

    Torrent Freak is reporting that The Pirate Bay, a notorious and long-lived resource for finding torrents of copyrighted media, is launching its first mobile-friendly website. Other upcoming changes include dedicated sites for tv, movie and music with more features plus RSSbay with personalized RSS feeds of torrent links. The change should not only make Pirate Bay more user friendly but, with more sites/domains, harder to take down. The Pirate Bay's Survival The Pirate Bay was founded in 2003 in Sweden. In 2006 they were raided by Swedish police. In May they celebrated their 8th year of survival and continued growth... [...]

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Alligator Record’s Bruce Iglaur Wins Digital Music Innovation Award

by Bruce Houghton in Indie Labels

Airplay Direct has named industry veteran Bruce Iglaur, President & Founder of Alligator Records, as the recipient of the first Iconic Innovators award. The award was created to recognize innovators in the realm of digital music in the industry. The award will be given yearly to the member of Airplay Direct who best embraces the vision and opportunities that digital innovation in the Music Industry has and continues to create, the company said. As a part of the award, AirPlay Direct is honoring Mr. Iglauer with a $50,000 AirPlay Direct 'Marketing & Awareness' Campaign for his and award winning Blues... [...]

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