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    More Than Royalties – It’s Time We Bring the Open Web to Music

    By Jesse von Doom on We talk endlessly about royalties, which is really a way of talking about centralization — giving power to a service or organization and asking them to sort out the model that pays people. Centralization will always lead to a system that can be gamed. Anything less than every participant acting altruistically means things go funny. And the truth about our world is that things always go funny. In art as in business there are ebbs and flows of power. In those tides decisions are made and people find ways to break models to their own advantage.... [...]
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    Prince’s Facebook And Twitter Accounts Go Dark

    Just when we thought he'd joined the 21st century, Prince has pulled his profiles off both Twitter and Facebook. Sometime between Monday and Tuesday, Prince's @3rdEyeGirl Twitter account and his Facebook pages suddenly went dark. As has been the case for month's, virtually all of Prince's videos are also absent from YouTube and Vevo. Only "Breakfast Can Wait" was up on Vevo af of Wednesday morning. So far, there's no news from the Prince camp, as to why he pulled the social plug now. Some online are speculating that self-described luddite only went on social media to promote his last... [...]
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    SoundOut, TuneCore Track Smarts, ReverbNation Crowd Review, AudioKite, and Music Xray Compared

    We live in an age where feedback can be garnered easily for musicians. Artists can post a song on YouTube and ask people to comment, rate and subscribe. Artists can send out tweets to check out a new song and get intstant feedback. But how do we quantify feedback on those platforms? How do we make sure that our songs are being heard by the right people that can give the best feedback? Brian Hazard has done leg work to give a comprehensive look on websites designed to give musicians the feedback that they are looking for in their music.... [...]
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    Limited Edition Independent Music, Courtesy of Record Store Day’s Black Friday Event

    Record Store Day will be holding their fifth annual Black Friday event on Friday, November 28th. There is not an incomprehensible list of sale items being broadcasted as you've likely seen or experienced throughout this week in nearly every medium imaginible. Rather, in an effort to remove commercialized chaos from the experience, Record Store Day's Black Friday Event will offer limited edition exclusives and small-run speciality items to consumers who seek and appreciate the rarity and value of such pieces. Record Store Day prides themselves on offering quality over quantity and sees Black Friday as an opportunity to celebrate the... [...]

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